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This page is intended to share the stories and testimonies of our appreciated clients. You are welcome to share your experience regarding how Pro Scuba assisted you on your scuba trips in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Mike Kroll M.D., Professor, M.D. Anderson Center
“Over the last 20 years, my wife and 3 kids learned to dive at Pro Scuba. I trust their instructors as they are very thorough. There was never any time limits on the training. We also got a lot of life out of the equipment we purchased. If there was any problem, we would simply take it back to Pro Scuba to fix it. I just hope that my wife and I can go diving with Henry on his special dive expeditions when my kids are done (if ever?) with college!”

David Wise, Chief Counsel, Biotechnology
“A few years ago, I was looking for scuba training for me and my son. I visited several local dive shops, but got the sense that their priority was selling us a course and some gear, rather than ensuring that we were trained well. Then I happened to walk into Pro Scuba.

It turned out that Henry and I were both at Rice University at the same time. After discussing it with him at some length, I concluded that his training methods, equipment setup, and commitment to new divers are far superior to that of his competitors. We signed up and are very glad we did it his way. His educational background is certainly reflected in his diving program!”

Max Burns, Broker, Max Realty Group
“As a real estate broker, I try to get the best deal for my clients. It is usually not the cheapest house because it is the cheapest for a reason! But I do get the most value for my clients. When I started shopping for my own scuba training, I also looked for the best value. Safety, quality, professionalism, and price. I visited many scuba places all over Houston. It was easy in my work.

The one place that stood out in my mind was Pro Scuba. They did not try to impress me how fast they can teach. Or how they are the cheapest. But they are the only one that asked about me. Yes, I was not treated like a hamburger at a fast food joint! My training program was based on my concerns, my schedule, my comfort level, and my budget. I am a big guy. And I like to breathe a lot. Well, they have a solution for that too!

In the years since, I have dived in many places around here and the Caribbean. I have seen many poorly trained divers, incompetent dive guides, and divers herded around in large groups. This was NEVER the case when I dive with Pro Scuba.

Please try to educate yourself when shopping for training and equipment. If you can ever get beyond asking “how much does it cost” and “how long does it take”, you will find Pro Scuba to be that rare gem. Every time I am at a dive site looking around at some of my fellow divers, I am so glad to be diving with Henry. Actually, with another new baby on the way, my wife will only feel comfortable when I am diving with Pro Scuba!”


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  2. Fhyrha says:

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